Oakley computing cluster

Oakley HP Intel Xeon Cluster (8,328 Cores)

As a leader in high performance computing and networking, the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) is a vital resource for Ohio's scientists and engineers. OSC is a fully-scalable center with mid-range machines to match those found at National Science Foundation centers and other national labs. The Center's flagship supercomputing system is the Oakley Cluster, an 8,300+ core HP Intel Xeon machine.

OSC also is home to the Ohio Interface Laboratory, which provides state-of-the-art graphics equipment and output services for computer graphics and animation. Members of the HPC Client Services group provide much of the information for this server.

Getting Started

Welcome to OSC! If you are new to supercomputing, new to OSC, or simply interested in getting an account (if you don't already have one), we have some resources to help you.

HPC Environments

We currently operate three major systems:

  • Owens Cluster, a 23,000+ core Dell Intel Xeon machine available to clients later in 2016
  • Ruby Cluster, a 4800 core HP Intel Xeon machine
    • 20 nodes have Intel Xeon Phi accelerators
    • 20 nodes have Nvidia Tesla K40 GPUs
    • One node has 1 TB of RAM and 32 cores, for large SMP style jobs
  • Oakley Cluster, an 8,300+ core HP Intel Xeon machine
    • One in every 10 nodes has 2 Nvidia Tesla GPU accelerators
    • One node has 1 TB of RAM and 32 cores, for large SMP style jobs

Our clusters share a common environment, and we have several guides available.

OSC also provides more than 2 PB of storage, and another 2 PB of tape backup.

  • Learn how that space is made available to users, and how to best utilize the resources, in our storage environment guide.

System Notices are available online.

Finally, you can keep up to date with any known issues on our systems (and the available workarounds). An archive of resolved issues can be found here.

Available Software

OSC has a variety of software applications to support all aspects of scientific research. You can view the complete software list, which is being updated continually.

OSC also offers licenses for some software packages to Ohio researchers via our statewide software program.

Some packages are access-controlled due to license restrictions. You can find the forms necessary to request access.


We provide a number of web portals for our user community.

ARMSTRONG allows users to monitor their account summary information – RU balances and usage – as well as to change their passwords. In addition, PIs can manage their authorized users and keep their grants and publications up to date.

OSC OnDemand is a "one-stop-shop" for accessing OSC compute resources. You can submit and monitor jobs, manage files, open terminal sessions and even get a desktop. Full documentation is available.

Tutorials & Training

Training is an important part of our services. We are working to expand our portfolio; we currently provide the following:

  • Training classes. OSC provides training classes, at our facility, on-site and remotely.
  • HOWTOs. Step-by-step guides to accomplish certain tasks on our systems.
  • Tutorials. Online content designed for self-paced learning.

Support Services


OSC Help consists of technical support and consulting services for OSC's high performance computing resources. Members of OSC's HPC Client Services group staff OSC Help.

Before contacting OSC Help, please check to see if your question is answered in either the FAQ or the Knowledge Base. Many of the questions asked by both new and experienced OSC users are answered in these web pages.

If you still cannot solve your problem, please do not hesitate to contact OSC Help:

Toll Free: (800) 686-6472
Local: (614) 292-1800
Hours: Staff on-site 24x7x365
Submit your issue online

OSC users also have the ability to directly impact OSC operational decisions by participating in the Statewide Users Group. Activities include managing the allocation process, advising on software licensing and hardware acquisition.

We recommend following HPCNotices on Twitter to get up-to-the-minute information on system outages and important operations-related updates.


Known Issues

Title Category Description Updatedsort descending
'quota' command does not work on GPFS system software

The 'quota' command does not provide any information about file quotas on the GPFS filesystem. Until we fix this issue, please look at your file system usage in the message printed when you log in... Read more

2 years 9 months ago
Torque module on Oakley improperly setting environment variables

Intel library paths are being added to the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH incorrectly when loading torque.  Additionally the Intel paths remain when the torque... Read more

1 year 3 months ago
Estimated charging for serial jobs on Oakley is incorrect Batch

Currently, the estimated RU charge reported at the end of a job shows an incorrect value for serial jobs on Oakley of the entire node. Jobs are being charged the correct amount in the official... Read more

7 months 3 weeks ago
pdsh -j broken on Oakley Batch, Oakley, system software

pdsh -j is broken on Oakley.  It was broken by updates during the September downtime.  We are currently working on resolving the issue.

Users who require... Read more

5 months 2 weeks ago
NAMD 2.11 precompiled binaries do not work Oakley, Software

NAMD 2.11 precompiled binaries do not work.  Please use NAMD 2.11 installed from the source and available via module namd/2.11.

The NAMD 2.11 issue involves changes to the command charmrun... Read more

3 months 2 weeks ago