PAPI provides the tool designer and application engineer with a consistent interface and methodology for use of the performance counter hardware found in most major microprocessors. PAPI enables software engineers to see, in near real time, the relation between software performance and processor events.

This software will be of interest only to HPC experts.

Workbench Platform

ANSYS Workbench platform is the backbone for delivering a comprehensive and integrated simulation system to users. See ANSYS Workbench platform for more information. 

Important Note: From March 14, 2018, Ansys is available from Owens. If you have any questions, please contact OSC Help.

Availability and Restrictions

ANSYS Workbench is available on Oakley Cluster. The versions currently available at OSC are:

ANSYS Mechanical

ANSYS Mechanical is a finite element analysis (FEA) tool that enables you to analyze complex product architectures and solve difficult mechanical problems. You can use ANSYS Mechanical to simulate real world behavior of components and sub-systems, and customize it to test design variations quickly and accurately.


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