FLUENT default module changes

Monday, February 2, 2015 - 4:00pm

We have updated the default module of FLUENT on both Oakley and Glenn. The default module of FLUENT is FLUENT15.0.7 on Oakley and FLUENT 14.5 on Glenn. For example, if you use module load fluent on Oakley, FLUENT 15.0.7 (instead of FLUENT 13.0) is loaded. We however keep the older versions of FLUENT installed on our cluster.


Q-Chem is a general purpose ab initio electronic structure program. Its latest version emphasizes Self-Consistent Field, especially Density Functional Theory, post Hartree-Fock, and innovative algorithms for fast performance and reduced scaling calculations. Geometry optimizations, vibrational frequencies, thermodynamic properties, and solution modeling are available.


Boost is a set of C++ libraries that provide helpful data structures and numerous support functions in a wide range of aspects of programming, such as, image processing, gpu programming, concurrent programming, along with many algorithms.  Boost is portable and performs well on a wide variety of platforms.

Amber 14 now available

Friday, September 12, 2014 - 3:45pm

Amber 14 has been installed on Oakley and Glenn; usage is via the modules amber/14 on Oakley and amber14 on Glenn.  For information on available executables and installation details see the software page for Amber or the output of the respective module help command, e.g.: module help amber/14


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