Firewall and Proxy Settings

In order for users to access OSC resources through the web your firewall rules should allow for connections to the following IP ranges.  Otherwise, users may be blocked or denied access to our services.


Users who are unsure of whether their network is blocking theses hosts or ports should contact their local IT administrator.

IT and Network Administrators

Ensure your clients have the following ports opened up in order to acess our resources.  

Updates to Ruby Application Software - September 2015

OSC is refreshing the software stack on Ruby on September 15, 2015 (during the scheduled downtime). During the software refresh, some default versions are updated to be more up-to-date. Information about the old and new default versions, as well as all available versions of each software package will be included on the corresponding OSC software webpage. See

Software Refresh

OSC timely installs new software versions on OSC systems, and periodically do coordinated software refresh (update the default versions to be more up-to-date and remove some versions that are quite out of date) on OSC systems. While we encourage everyone to use up-to-date software, the old defaults will still be available till the next software refresh, in case some users prefer to use the old defaults. The software refresh is usually made during the scheduled downtime, while we will send out notifications to all users ahead of time for any questions/suggestions/concerns.


To cite Ruby, please use the following Archival Resource Key:


Here is the citation in BibTeX format:

ark = {ark:/19495/hpc93fc8},
url = {},
year  = {2015},
author = {Ohio Supercomputer Center},
title = {Ruby supercomputer}

And in EndNote format:

%0 Generic
%T Ruby supercomputer
%A Ohio Supercomputer Center
%R ark:/19495/hpc93fc8
%D 2015


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