Multi-factor authentication

MyOSC now supports multi-factor authentication (MFA).

User opt-in

Users can now opt-in to using multi-factor authentication in MyOSC.

On a user's profile page, there will be a button Enable DUO MFA.

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 3.06.37 PM.png

There will be an error displayed with the text:

We're sorry, access is not allowed because you are not enrolled. Please contact your organization's IT help desk for assistance.

One must log out of MyOSC, then log back in to continue the duo MFA enrollment process where device information can be entered and saved. The next time logging into OSC systems, a duo push will be required to be completed.

Removing MFA

If an OSC account is not required to use MFA, then it can be disabled at any time.

Navigate to your profile page in MyOSC, then select DUO Settings and click the Disable DUO MFA button.

Please note, accessing OnDemand after removing MFA may display an error message that DUO has been disabled.  If this happens, please contact OSC Help for assistance.

Project requires MFA

There is also a flag that can be set on a per-project basis, which will require all users on that project to use MFA.

Contact us at OSC Help if you would this enabled on a project.