billing statements

MyOSC now offers the ability for PIs to view the billing statements of current un-billed usage for their projects.

Login to my.osc.edu and navigate to Project -> Billing Statements.

There are two sections:

Current usage

The current usage section provides information usage charges up to the current day.

These are not final charges, as they may be countered by credits or discounts at the time billing is ran.

Invite, add, remove users

Manage users on a project

The PI of a project can manage the users on their projects. Note, that PIs are not automatically added as authorized users under their project(s).

Managing users on the project includes inviting, adding and removing users to the project as well as increasing a user's privileges on a project so that they can assist with the management of it.

To manage a project, navigate to Project -> List Projects and select the blue button on the left of the appropriate project.

Check usage costs for current fiscal year

It is useful to take a look at usage over periods of time and calculate overall usage at osc. This page explains how to do this using the HPC Job Activity tool in my.osc.edu

After logging into the client portal, navigate to Individual -> HPC Job Activity.

Enter the appropriate dates:

min date: 01 July 2020
max date: current date (or other end date)

Once the dates are entered, the click the button Refresh Report.

Change or Reset Password and Retrieve Usernames

Client portal password and username options

Please visit MyOSC, our client portal website.

Change password while already logged in

Click "Change Password" from the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner where the full name of the user is shown.

A successful password change redirects back to the dashboard page. There is also a message displayed confirming the change and providing other information.

Reset an expired or forgotten password

From the Login page, click the "Forgot your password?" link.

HPC Job Activity tool

Interactive reporting of HPC job activity

The HPC Job Activity menu item opens a powerful reporting tool. By default, the report shows all activity over the last 30 days for projects you are authorized to view usage of. There are simple filters available at the top to put in a specific job ID, narrow the report to a specific project, or select a specific date range.