Through physics and STEM courses and workshops, Sultana Nahar, Ph.D. has been helping to improve the computational skills of the scientific community with the hope more breakthroughs will be made. OSC resources help the Ohio State senior research professor conduct computational workshops as part of local and international lecture courses. Find out more about Nahar's use of OSC resources in our latest case study. 


Registration is closed, but you can still attend remotely! Check our agenda webpage for more information. Contact OSC Help with questions. 

OSC user Hongyu Chen ran massive data simulations to find answers to the impact of federal student loan programs on borrowers' life decisions. Read more.

The 2017 Summer Institute recently ended but the students who attended the two-week camp have a lot to look back on. This year's SI video recalls the eye-opening tours and presentations along with the fun and enjoyable moments. Take a look at their journey in our newest video. 


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