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The OSC Research Report is an annual collection of fascinating researcher stories and cutting-edge innovation that is done in the state of Ohio through the use of OSC resources. Check out the 2018-19 report. 

OSC strives to enhance the classroom experience for students around the state. At The Ohio State University, a group of students have the unique opportunity to tap into OSC resources to better understand statistics. Read more.

We had a brief hang of the GPFS services (Project and Scratch) between 15:45 to 16:10 on Feb 26, 2020



lab researchers

Accelerate your research achievements with easy access to the powerful, high performance computing, storage and software resources and staff expertise provided through OSC.


Enhance your computational science expertise with academic programs and workforce training opportunities.



computer model of machine parts

Provide your company with a competitive advantage through modeling, simulation and analysis, which can reduce the time, labor and cost to bring new and improved products to market.