Research Proposal Partnership

Ohio Supercomputer Center staff understand that research is a primary activity for many of our clients and that submitting high quality proposals in response to funding opportunities is a necessity. Here are some ways in which we support researchers with proposal submission:

  • Letters of commitment to show you have access to sufficient resources needed for your project, see Letter of Commitment for Outside Funding Proposals.
  • Boilerplate text describing our computing and storage facilities and data retention policies.
  • Quotes for specialized services such as: dedicated computing resources, large amounts of storage, HPC consulting.
  • Opportunities for Outreach/Broader Impact activities with OSC’s K12 summer educational programs.
  • Expertise in areas such as: scientific software development, web software development and virtual environments by collaborating as co-investigators or senior personnel.
  • Review of proposals for research computing infrastructure or research software development

Getting Started

Please send an inquiry to with information on the program call to which you are responding, a brief description of your proposed activity, and how our resources and/or expertise might fit into your proposed project. We will follow up with an email or a phone call as appropriate. Please provide adequate notice prior to submission date.