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What can OSC do for you? OSC's high performance computing, secure data storage and technical expertise can help advance research, accelerate business innovation and support classroom instruction.  

Our comprehensive services guide provides an overview of our resources and how you can use them.

  1. Cluster computing: OSC offers three supercomputer clusters – Pitzer, Owens and Ascend – that all support GPU computing.
  2. Research data storage: Clients can make use of work-area and supplemental storage during projects as well as long-term storage of data. Transfer files through our OnDemand platform or Globus subscription.
  3. Software: We provide a variety of software applications to support all aspects of scientific research. Ohio researchers may access licenses for some software packages through our statewide software program.
  4. Research software engineering: Our staff members can provide expert consultation on topics such as computing languages, programming models, numerical libraries and development tools for parallel/threaded computing and data analysis. 
  5. Data analytics and machine learning: Our hardware and software offerings can accommodate the intensive workloads of data analytics and machine learning work.
  6. Dependability: The State of Ohio Computer Center, home of our computing clusters, provides security, climate control and fully redundant systems designed to keep OSC online at all times.
  7. Education: Faculty and students can learn about high performance computing through our webinars, workshops and how-to guides. Classroom accounts are available to instructors seeking to incorporate HPC work into courses.

How does the academic community use OSC?

Faculty at Ohio higher education institutions use OSC to conduct original research in fields ranging from engineering and medicine to plant biology and political science. Our extensive collection of case studies shows the breadth of research work underway, how graduate and undergraduate students are gaining critical HPC experience, and how academic clients make use of the wide variety of services and expert support that OSC provides.

How does the commercial and nonprofit community use OSC?

Commercial and nonprofit clients across the United States use OSC for research, simulations, development and testing of products. Our extensive collection of case studies offers examples of this work, including clients involved with pharmaceutical drug development, the simulation of how fluid dynamics impact vehicle performance, the study of factors impacting oil and gas pipeline corrosion, and the advancement of weather-forecasting technology.

What does it cost to use OSC?

As an academic computing resource for the State of Ohio, OSC is always free for Ohio classroom usage, and academic researchers in Ohio qualify for credits that largely or completely offset fees. Commercial and nonprofit clients purchase services at set rates.  Find more details about our cost structure.  

What training or client support does OSC offer?

OSC provides a variety of training and support options for clients:

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