Storage Hardware

The storage at OSC consists of servers, data storage subsystems, and networks providing a number of storage services to OSC HPC systems. The current configuration consists of:

  • A NetApp Network Attached Storage (NAS) for home directories (1.9 PB of storage, 40 GB/s bandwidth)
  • An IBM Elastic Scale System (ESS) to provide project and scratch storage, and add support for various protected data requirements (~16 PB of storage, bandwidth varies depending on Project and Scratch)
  • Local disk storage on each compute node
  • Two IBM tape robots for backups and archival which as of the beginning of 2022:
    • Capable of redundantly storing up to 23.5 PB of data, with copies kept both in Columbus and Cleveland area data centers.
    • Has nearly 14 PB of tapes installed in the tape backup archive, with several additional PB of tapes on hand ready to be installed as needed
    • Anticipated to be scalable via new generations of tape media and drives to over 141 PB of capacity in the coming years