Ncview is a visual browser for netCDF format files. Typically you would use ncview to get a quick and easy, push-button look at your netCDF files. You can view simple movies of the data, view along various dimensions, take a look at the actual data values, change color maps, invert the data, etc.

Availability and Restrictions


The following versions of Ncview are available on OSC clusters:

2.1.7 X*
* Current default version

You can use  module spider ncview to view available modules for a given machine. Feel free to contact OSC Help if you need other versions for your work.


Ncview is available to all OSC users without restriction.


Usage on Owens


To configure your environment for use of Ncview, run the following command: module load ncview. The default version will be loaded. To select a particular Ncview version, use module load ncview/version. For example, use module load ncview/2.1.7 to load Ncview 2.1.7.

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