HOWTO: Deploy your own endpoint on a server

OSC clients who are affiliated with Ohio State can deploy their own endpoint on a server using OSU subscriptions. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Send a request to OSC Help the following information:
    • Name of organization that will be running the endpoint, ie: OSU Arts and Sciences
      • NOTE: if the name already exists, they will have to coordinate with the existing Admin for that project
    • OSU affiliated email address associated with the Globus account, ie:
  2. OSC will create a new project at, make the user provided in #1 the administrator, and inform the user to set up the endpoint credentials
  3. The user goes to and chooses “Register a new Globus Connect Server v5”. Under the project, the user chooses Add dropdown and chooses Add new Globus Connect Server. Provide a display name for the endpoint, ie: Select “Generate New Client Secret” and save that value and Client ID and use those values when configuring the Globus Connect Server install on their local system
  4. The user finishes configuring Globus Connect Server and runs the necessary commands to register the new endpoint with Globus. Once the new endpoint is registered, please email OSC Help the endpoint name so we can mark the endpoint as managed under the OSU subscription