HOWTO: Use Globus (Overview)



Globus is a cloud-based service designed to let users move, share, and discover research data via a single interface, regardless of its location or number of files or size.

Globus was developed and is maintained at the University of Chicago and is used extensively at supercomputer centers and major research facilities.

Globus is available as a free service that any user can access. More on how Globus works can be found on the Globus "How It Works" page.

Globus is updating the Certificate Authority (CA) used for its transfer service, and moving to a different system for managing the CA. All Globus deployments installed before Sept 12, 2022 must be updated to install the new trust root by December 12, 2022. After this date, the Globus service will cease to function with Globus Connect installations that have not updated the trust root. See Globus page for more information. 
OSC deprecated Globus v4 endpoint on Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021. Please use Globus v5.4 endpoint by searching 'OSC Globus Connect Server' for transferring and sharing data. See this page for more information on how to transfer data and this page for more information on how to share data. 

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