HOWTO: Use Globus (Overview)



Globus is a cloud-based service designed to let users move, share, and discover research data via a single interface, regardless of its location or number of files or size.

Globus was developed and is maintained at the University of Chicago and is used extensively at supercomputer centers and major research facilities.

Globus is available as a free service that any user can access. More on how Globus works can be found on the Globus "How It Works" page.

Globus How To pages

For information on:

  • Linking OSC username with globus user account
  • data transfer and sharing
  • globus personal connect installation

See globus how to pages.

OSC endpoints

  • Enter 'OSC Globus Connect Server' in the endpoint search box to find all the endpointss managed by OSC as below:
OSC's home directory OSC $HOME
OSC's project directory OSC /fs/project
OSC's scratch directory OSC /fs/scratch
OSC's ess storage OSC /fs/ess
AWS S3 storage OSC S3
OSC high assurance

OSC /fs/ess/ High Assurance for project storage

OSC /fs/scratch/ High Assurance for scratch storage

Note: the default path will be $HOME for home directory, /fs/ess for project storage, /fs/scratch for scratch filesystem. You can change to a more specific directory by providing the path in ‘Directory’. The location for project/scratch data would be under /fs/ess/<project-code> or /fs/scratch/<project-code>.

Data Sharing with Service Account

Sometimes, a group may need to share data uploaded by several OSC users with external entities using Globus. To simplify this process OSC can help set up a service account that owns the data and create a Globus share that makes the data accessible to individuals. Contact OSC Help for this service. 

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