HOWTO: Use Globus (Overview)



Globus is a cloud-based service designed to let users move, share, and discover research data via a single interface, regardless of its location or number of files or size.

Globus was developed and is maintained at the University of Chicago and is used extensively at supercomputer centers and major research facilities.

Globus is available as a free service that any user can access. More on how Globus works can be found on the Globus "How It Works" page.

Available Endpoints

OSC maintains both Globus Connect Server v4 and v5 endpoints. 

Globus Connect Server version 4 is the fully-featured stable version of the server, and recommended for transferring data that does NOT require premium storage connectors or sharing data. 

Globus Connect Server version 5 is the new evolution of the server software, and recommended for transferring data that requires premium storage connectors such as AWS S3 and Box, and data sharing. Globus Connect Server version 5 does not yet have all of the features available in version 4. For more information, see this page

The table below summarizes the different features between two endpoints at OSC:

Endpoint Name Version Recommended Use

OSC Globus Connect Server

  • Data transfer that does not require premium storage connectors


  • Data share
  • Data transfer that requires AWS S3
  • Data transfer that requires Box (to be supported in future)
Please contact OSC Help if you need to transfer protected data, such as PHI and PII data into OSC HPC systems

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