OpenCV is an open-source library that includes several hundreds of computer vision algorithms.

Availability and Restrictions


Version Ascend Pitzer Owens Notes
2.4.5   X# X#  
3.4.6 X#      
4.5.4   X*    
4.6.0   X    
* Current default version; # System version

You can use module spider opencv to view available modules for a given machine. Feel free to contact OSC Help if you need other versions for your work.


OpenCV is available to all OSC users.

Publisher/Vendor/Repository and License Type

OpenCV versions after 4.5.0 fall under the Apache 2 license. Full details are available here.


Legacy usage


The legacy system version does not need to be loaded.   Keep in mind that it dates to many years ago.  In general, it should be used with other tools from the same era, e.g., the system compiler version, which can be selected for your environment via module load gnu/4.8.5 on Owens and Pitzer.

Usage on Pitzer

Set-up on Pitzer

To load the default version of the OpenCV module which initalizes your environment for non legacy OpenCV, use module load opencv. To select a particular OpenCV version, use module load opencv/version. For example, use module load opencv/4.5.4 to load OpenCV 4.5.4.

In general users should employ the helper variables defined by an OpenCV module, e.g., module load gnu/9.1.0 cuda/11.2.2 opencv/4.5.4; g++ $OPENCV_INCLUDE $OPENCV_LIB bla bla.  A complete  example is available; for its location and other installation details see the output of module spider opencv/4.5.4.

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