Research Software Engineering

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As professionals in high performance computing and software engineering, OSC's staff has deep expertise in developing and deploying software that runs efficiently and correctly on large-scale cluster computing platforms.

OSC staff members are available for consulting or collaboration with research computing teams that require such expertise to increase the problems sizes that they can tackle or reduce the runtime for their analyses. Our team members have experience with several computing languages, programming models, numerical libraries and development tools for parallel/threaded computing and data analysis. The types of services we provide include:


  • Performance analysis and optimization
  • Parallel algorithm development
  • Software development for accelerators
  • Workflow and I/O tuning
  • Software engineering for scientific codes
  • Software debugging
  • Collaboration or review of proposals for research software projects

Getting Started

Please send an inquiry to with a brief description of the services that you have an interest in and your contact information.

Available Software

OSC has a variety of software applications to support all aspects of scientific research as well as licenses via our statewide software program.

Getting Started

What can OSC do for you? If you are new to supercomputing, new to OSC, or simply interested in getting an account (if you don't already have one), we have some resources to help you.

Technical Support

OSC provides experts to assist with individual client requests from a support desk to Level 2 advanced support. 


From OSC OnDemand for managing compute resources to the My.OSC administrative site, OSC provides a number of web portals for ease of access.  


OSC facilitators focus on research support, education and outreach to provide key services to Ohio’s academic and industrial research communities.