The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) and its staff members are engaged with several national, state and industry organizations and initiatives that advance high performance computing (HPC).

These affiliations help OSC track the latest technological innovations and trends in the HPC field, contribute to national conversations about opportunities and challenges, participate in initiatives and training that can benefit the OSC client community, and share best practices developed.

National Affiliations

Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing (PEARC) coordinates the PEARC conference series to provide a forum for discussing challenges, opportunities and solutions among the broad range of participants in the research computing community. OSC staff have served in leadership roles, overseeing the planning and execution of the PEARC conferences, and have given talks and served on panels discussions. In addition, OSC and Open OnDemand participate as exhibitors.

Read more about OSC’s involvement in PEARC.

Campus Champions are a group of 800+ individuals at 360+ colleges, universities and other research-focused institutions who help users access research computing and cyberinfrastructure resources, including through the National Science Foundation’s ACCESS program. OSC is a member of this national initiative and also has developed an independent Campus Champions program for its Ohio higher education constituents.

Other OSC national affiliations include:

State and Regional Affiliations

Midwest Research Computing Consortium (MWRCC) is an alliance of several Midwestern universities that support experimental, observational and computational sciences through a variety of HPC resources. 

OSC hosted the MWRCC Spring 2023 meeting. Read more about the event and OSC’s involvement in the consortium.

Other OSC state and regional affiliations include:

Industry Affiliations

The Intel HPC Advisory Board is a group of Intel HPC clients that meet quarterly to hear about Intel technologies and roadmaps and provide feedback.

Read more about how OSC and Intel have collaborated over the years.

Other OSC industry affiliations include: