Open OnDemand

Open OnDemand is a National Science Foundation-funded, open-source HPC portal developed by OSC, based on the Center's original OnDemand portal.

The portal provides an easy way for system administrators to offer web access to their HPC resources. Clients can submit and monitor jobs, manage files and run applications from anywhere at any time. 

OSC launched version 3.0 of the portal in April 2023. Open OnDemand developers at OSC and project partner institutions Virginia Tech and the University of Buffalo have worked with HPC community members at institutions such as Harvard University and CSC Finland to make significant advancements to the platform to continue to improve the user experience.

Since Open OnDemand's launch in 2017, nearly 400 HPC centers around the world have deployed the portal. Read our case studies to learn more about how the HPC community is using Open OnDemand to advance their work.  

Visit the Open OnDemand site for more details about how to install and run the portal and get support.