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A key component of our client resources is devoted to facilitation in order to ensure Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) users gain the full benefits of our high performance computing (HPC) services as efficiently as possible without being bogged down in the inner-workings of complex computations.

Our facilitators focus on a number of tasks essential to providing OSC services to Ohio’s academic and industrial research communities:

Research Support

OSC staff works closely with research to understand their projects and goals. This allows our team members to evaluate our users’ needs and recommend the best solutions for gaining full access to our resources. Facilitators can pinpoint key areas in which a user may need a better understanding of what OSC offers, helping them develop a full plan for the implementation of our resources based on their needs.

Education and Training

HPC and networking resources come together at OSC to create an exciting and innovative teaching and research environment. And, through the integration of increased training and education leadership over the past year, OSC is working toward deeper engagement with our users. OSC staff members assist faculty and student researchers by providing workshops, one-on-one classes, web-based training and materials. Our education and training outreach includes:

  • On-site instruction workshops
  • Campus visits
  • Classroom accounts
  • XSEDE training
  • Faculty Recruitment
  • Our 24/7 Help Desk


OSC staff regularly work to raise the awareness and understanding of our available services to both the academic and industrial communities looking to leverage high performance computing in research.