Statewide Software Licensing

OSC has received funding from the Ohio Board of Regents to acquire statewide licenses for software tools that will facilitate research. We are pleased to announce the availability of the products below. There are a limited number of licenses for each product. The licensing program initially will be available to current OSC users and then will be expanded to a wider audience. Please remember that this is an experiment for Ohio and the vendors. As such, we will need to hear any concerns or problems you encounter. Send any suggestions to


To better manage the Statewide Software usage, all users will need to set a environment variable, LM_PROJECT, to their OSC project ID on all computers which will be utilizing our licenses.  Instructions on how to set a environment variable on a windows system can be found here.  


Software available through OSC's Statewide Software License Distribution

Altair Hyperworks - high-performance, comprehensive toolbox of CAE software for engineering design and simulation

TotalView Technologies Totalview Debugger - performance tuning and debugging tools

Intel Compilers, Tools, and Libraries - an array of software development products from Intel

Portland Group Compilers - variety of compilers from PGI