Governance and Advisory


Computation has become increasingly important at each step of the innovation process. Equally important is expertise in computer and computational science. Because of our combined knowledge in cyberinfrastructure, OSC can contribute to meeting critical technical challenges and to increasing researcher productivity at every step of the innovation process.

OSC maintains staff expertise in computational physics, chemistry and biochemistry, fluid dynamics, structural analysis, and remote instrumentation. In addition, a number of our staff members are invited by organizations on a regular basis to share insights on national trends in industry competitiveness and computational science education, among others.


Funded by the Ohio General Assembly through the Ohio Department of Higher Education, OSC reports to the Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education. All business and legal services are provided by The Ohio State University, with direction from the Vice President of Research. Through committees and direct contact with faculty and student researchers, OSC is well positioned to meet the needs of those who require our resources. And to plan for future acquisitions and services, OSC relies upon the guidance of the Ohio Department of Higher Education, the Ohio State Office of Research, and the advice of committees to achieve and sustain national eminence as an academic and industrial supercomputer center.

Each Ohio university has an appointed representative who advocates for both OSC and their fellow colleagues as part of the Statewide User Group (SUG) organization. SUG meets with OSC staff to discuss hardware, software, allocations, and general information about the center.

The Ohio Supercomputer Center operates as a unit within and is operated for the State of Ohio by the Office of Research at The Ohio State University (OSU). OSU serves as the fiscal agent for the Center and consults with the Ohio Department of Higher Education in appointing an executive director, developing the Center’s budget and designing OSC programs.


Advisory Board

A joint OSC-OARnet Advisory Board recommends broad policy guidelines for OSC governance and periodically reviews its program and operations, with special attention to ensuring that the management and operation of the supercomputing systems that supports the State of Ohio's goals for higher education, P-12 education, economic development, and the goals of its state agencies. Advisory Board meetings are at the Ohio Department of Higher Education office. 

The Ohio Department of Higher Education announces the advisory board meetings. Information can be found at