By the Numbers

Note: All below data is from January 2019 to December 2019.

Client Communities

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Ohio universities

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universities outside of Ohio

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new projects created

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training opportunities

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publications cited OSC

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college courses using OSC

Production Capacity

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Over 247,900,000

core hours consumed

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average HPC system utilization

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Over 5,800,000

computational jobs

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availability (includes planned outages)

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average storage system utilization

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3.9 PB

data stored

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2.8 PB

data transferred

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TF computational power available

649 Academic Projects

Map of Ohio academic institutions using OSC
21+ Projects
Miami University
Ohio University
The Ohio State University
University of Cincinnati
11-20 Projects
Bowling Green University
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland State University
Kent State University
University of Akron
University of Toledo
University of Dayton
Youngstown State University
6-10 Projects
Wright State University
1-5 Projects
Air Force Institute of Technology
Bluffton University
Cedarville University
Central State University
College of Wooster
Denison University
Kenyon College
Mount Union College
Muskingum University
Oberlin College
Stark State College
University of Findlay
Wittenberg University
Xavier University
Zane State College

Usage by Field of Science

Pie chart showing usage by field of science
Natural Sciences (60%)
Chemical Sciences (16%)
Biological Sciences (13%)
Computer Sciences (3%)
Physical Sciences (3%)
Environmental Sciences (3%)
Mathematics (1%)
Other (21%)
Engineering and Tech (36%)
Mechanical Engineering (9%)
Engineering and Tech, General (7%)
Chemical Engineering (4%)
Electronic and Info Engineering (3%)
Materials Engineering (1%)
Miscellaneous (4%)
Medical and Health Sciences (2%)
Other Miscellaneous (2%)

Fields of science are self-reported and classified based on "Revised Field of Science and Technology (FOS) Classification in The Frascati Manual"

Overall System Usage in millions of core hours*

Chart of overall system usage
Total Time
Combined Total (337 M)
Owens (205.1 M)
Pitzer (89.8 M)
Ruby (42.1 M)
Type of Usage
Academic (223.3 M)
  • The Ohio State University (187.2 M)
  • University of Cincinnati (12.7 M)
  • Ohio University (7.6 M)
  • Wright State University (4.3 M)
  • Bowling Green University (3.0 M)
  • Kent State University (1.5 M)
  • Other (6.9 M)
Unused (53.1 M)
Unscheduled (33.5 M)
Commercial (22.3 M)
  • Aerospace Engineering (13.4 M)
  • Weather (4.1 M)
  • Auto Engineering (1.8 M)
  • Alternative Energy (0.7 M)
  • Marine Engineering (0.6 M)
  • Hospital (0.4 M)
OSC Internal (2.4 M)
Downtimes (2.4 M)

*Core hours: The total number of processor cores used times the hours they are used to complete a job.