The Ohio Supercomputer Center empowers researchers via high performance computing, advanced networking, and training resources; partners with leading scientific investigators in developing joint proposals to regional, national, and international organizations; and leads research activities of strategic interest to OSC, the state, and the country.

Analytics - More than ever before, organizations in the academic, government, and industrial sectors are increasingly tasked with making sense of huge amounts of underutilized data.  The OSC Analytics Program is focused on developing and providing sophisticated methods of high performance computing based data analysis and visualization directed at solving complex, real-world problems, particularly within the field of signal and image processing.

Bioinformatics - Challenges in state-of-the-art biology research are being met daily by using high-performance computing technologies. The research need to integrate, search, analyze, organize, compare and share increasing volumes of diverse information is at the heart of the challenge. Working collaboratively with research teams from multiple disciplines, including botany, microbe, animal, and human, researchers at OSC combine advanced computing technologies with research challenges to break barriers to critical insight.

Biomedical Sciences and Visualization - an interdisciplinary group that applies high performance computing to biomedicine and applies advanced interface technology for use in virtual exploration of complex computational data

Computational Science Engineering Research Applications - gathers and deploys the best ideas, algorithms, and software tools emerging from the national high performance computing infrastructure into the OSC and DoD HPCMP user communities

Cyberinfrastructure and Software Development - Supercomputers are only as useful as the software they can effectively run. In order to expand that base of software, it must be easier to write and debug code on massively parallel systems. The cyberinfrastructure and software development program addresses this pressing need through a combination of software development, a robust production services environment, and in-house research and consulting.

Systems Research - from investigating performance of a new technology to pushing the boundaries of what a new technology can do, the group aims to play a key role in how high-performance networks are used.

Research Opportunities - Review available research funding opportunities.