OSC Research 2009



Virtual forest illustrates impact of tree canopy contour on climate

See how an OSU researcher creates highly accurate, immersive computer simulations of a forest canopy to help researchers better understand the complex interactions of a real forest ecosystem.


Understanding of enzyme reactions may yield new medications, less pollution


See how research chemists are employing OSC resources and state-of-the-art computational chemistry to uncover how a set of enzyme reactions helps break down therapeutic drugs in the human body


Interface Lab leverages the power of immersive human/computer interaction


Learn more about how researchers at OSC's Interface Lab explore the potential seamless interface of humans and computers through innovative examination of visual, aural and force-feedback approaches.


Center delivers powerful cyberinfrastructure needed for success in the global marketplace


The future success of U.S. economic competitiveness is inextricably linked to the increased application of high performance computation. Read how the Ohio Supercomputer Center is helping to meet this challenge.


Computational science education teaches vital modeling, simulation skills


An innovative, statewide academic program is focusing on computer modeling and simulation. Read how the virtual Ralph Regula School is growing the number and proficiency of computational scientists in Ohio.


Theoretical chemist extends research with computational modeling, simulation


Learn how an OSU researcher conducts modeling and simulation on an OSC supercomputer to help other chemists complete research beyond what can be determined from laboratory experiments.


Tracking virus could help officials predict the next influenza outbreak


Find out how an OSU Medical Center biomedical informatics researcher uses OSC supercomputers to synthesize datasets of many genomes to help monitor the global spread of emergent infectious diseases.


Blue Collar Computing offers industry supercomputing's competitive advantage


Some companies can't afford the large investments needed to implement in-house high performance computing centers. Learn how OSC can meet their computational needs with Blue Collar Computing.


High-precision atomic astrophysics: From black holes to nanotechnology


Discover how an OSU-led research team employed powerful OSC resources to make precise energy calculations of certain super-hot atoms found in space to help astronomers identify black holes.


Collaboration will propel innovations in computational electromagnetics


OSC and OSU's ElectroScience Laboratory are collaborating to develop parallel software codes for layered sensing research into the design of future wireless radar, imaging and sensor systems. Read more.


Computer simulations help unlock the secrets of biomineralization


Read how a University of Akron researcher is investigating nature's ability to form such structures as mollusk shells and human bone through computer modeling and simulations done through OSC.


First Principles, computer simulations reveal nature of semiconductor structures


Discover how researchers are working to better understand the microstructure of new alloys needed for high-speed transistors, light-emitting diodes, semiconductor lasers, solar cells and microwave devices.


Researcher employs computer modeling to develop 'green' chemistry process


The current abundance and low cost of propane have generated increased interest within the petroleum and petrochemical industries for new, environmentally friendly "green" chemistry processes. A Cincinnati researcher is studying such a process to produce several intermediate products, including acrylonitrile.