Research Data Storage

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Ohio researchers have access to many file storage options at OSC. OSC’s research data storage includes high-performance, large capacity spaces along with others that are perfect for a wide variety of research data. OSC has about eighteen petabytes (PB) of disk storage capacity distributed over several file systems, plus more than 14 PB of available backup tape storage (with the ability to easily expand to over 23PB).

Home directories (1.9 PB avail) are available to all OSC users. This is permanent storage that is backed up daily.

Project space (~13.5 PB avail) is available as supplemental storage space for groups that require more storage than is provided in the home directories (500gb). This storage is also backed up daily. Project PIs can request this storage from OSC at any time.

OSC’s scratch service (~3.5 PB avail) is a high-performance file system that can handle high loads and is optimized for a wide variety of job types. This service offers work-area storage designed to perform well with data-intensive computations while scaling well to large numbers of simultaneous connections. It can be used as either batch-managed scratch space or as user-managed temporary space; there is no quota for this system. OSC provides a parallel file system for use as high-performance, high-capacity, shared temporary space. 

Storage documentation

We have general and technical information on the filesystems at OSC which can be reviewed.

File Transfer

Using our web platform, OnDemand, users can transfer smaller files (<10 GB) using simple drag and drop. Other file transfer options include using sftp from a command line or third-party interface (like Filezilla).

Globus is a simple but powerful transferring service that allows our users to share data with collaborators anywhere! Any remote research site that runs Globus can seamlessly connect to OSC’s many research storage systems. It also connects research systems to personal systems.

Protected data service

OSC supports researchers that are in need of storage with strict security control requirements.

Getting Started

Please send an inquiry to with a brief description of the services that you have an interest in and your contact information.

Available Software

OSC has a variety of software applications to support all aspects of scientific research as well as licenses via our statewide software program.

Getting Started

What can OSC do for you? If you are new to supercomputing, new to OSC, or simply interested in getting an account (if you don't already have one), we have some resources to help you.

Technical Support

OSC provides experts to assist with individual client requests from a support desk to Level 2 advanced support. 


From OSC OnDemand for managing compute resources to the My.OSC administrative site, OSC provides a number of web portals for ease of access.  


OSC facilitators focus on research support, education and outreach to provide key services to Ohio’s academic and industrial research communities.

Protected Data Service

OSC's Protected Data Service (PDS) is designed to address the most common security control requirements encountered by researchers while also reducing the workload on individual PIs and research teams to satisfy these requirements.

Security, Accessibility, and Policies

OSC is regularly audited for security standards and abides by OSU's digital accessibility standards. OSC also supports export controlled and HIPPA projects.

Data Storage

OSC has various storage systems to fulfill different HPC research needs. Information on the each filesystem can be found in data storage technical documentation.