Updates to Ruby Application Software - September 2015

OSC is refreshing the software stack on Ruby on September 15, 2015 (during the scheduled downtime). During the software refresh, some default versions are updated to be more up-to-date. Information about the old and new default versions, as well as all available versions of each software package will be included on the corresponding OSC software webpage. See https://www.osc.edu/supercomputing/software-list.

Summary of Changes

  • New versions of the compilers and MPI have been installed and will become the defaults. Libraries will be rebuilt with the new default compilers and MPI. The newest stable version of each library will be used in most cases.
  • For software applications, the latest installed version will become the default in most cases, but the current default version will be kept and can be requested explicitly. Details are given in the tables below.
  • The mic functionality has been merged into the intel modules and will be loaded automatically at login. There is no need to use module load mic to set up the environment for programming for the Phi. For more details, see https://www.osc.edu/documentation/supercomputers/using_the_intel_xeon_phi_on_ruby

Impact on User-Built Software

If you compile and link your own software you need to be particularly aware of the changes in the default modules. You will probably need to either rebuild your software or explicitly load the compiler and MPI modules that you built your code with before you run the code.

To load the default environment at login on Ruby prior to the downtime (9/15/2015), use the command   module load modules/au2014  . This environment was the default environment at login on Ruby prior to 9/15/2015. If your code is built with compilers other than Intel compiler, you can explicitly load the default module prior to 9/15/2015 using the command module load name . Please refer to Compilers/MPI or the corresponding OSC software webpage (See https://www.osc.edu/supercomputing/software-list) for more information.


Software Applications

The following table gives details about the upcoming changes to software applications. All version numbers refer to actual module names. Applications not listed here will remain unchanged.

Software Current default New default
MATLAB   r2014a r2014b


The following table gives details about the default versions for compilers and MPI implementations . The versions refer to actual module names.

software Current default New default Notes
GNU Compilers 4.4.7 4.8.4 Module default version is not system default
Intel Compilers 15.0.0 15.0.3  
MVAPICH2 2.1rc1 2.1 Default depends on compiler version.
PGI Compilers 14.9 15.4  


The following libraries will be rebuilt for the new default compiler/mvapich2 versions.

Software New default Notes
FFTW3 3.3.4  
HDF5 1.8.15 Patch 1, serial & parallel
MKL 11.2.3 interfaces
NetCDF serial & parallel, with Fortran & C++ interfaces
ScaLAPACK 2.0.2