Change or Reset Password and retrieve usernames

Client portal password and username options

As always, Visit the OSC Client Portal website

Change password while already logged in

Click ‘Change Password’ from the dropdown menu of in the upper-right corner where the full name of the user is shown.

A successful password change redirects back to the dashboard page. There is also a message displayed confirming the change and providing other information.

Reset an expired or forgotten password

From the Login page, click the ‘Forgot your password?’ link.

Enter a valid username and click the ‘Submit’ button. An email with a link to set a new password will be sent to the email address associated with that username.

The password reset link can only be used once and is valid for a limited time.
An expired or already used password reset link will not be valid and new link must be obtained.

Obtain OSC usernames

To obtain all the usernames associated with an email address, click 'Forgot your username?' and enter a valid email address.

This will send an email containing all the associated usernames with the email address entered.