New User Resource Guide

Welcome to OSC! This document provides some useful links to get you started.

How to request an account: For information on getting an account and an allocation with us, please visit


Getting connected: Logging in to OSC resources is primarily accomplished via SSH (or “secure shell”). This is a method of getting a command line interface on our clusters, which run a version of the Linux operating system. For more details on how to connect to our systems, please visit


If that sounds too intimidating, and you would like to try a zero-client web-browser approach to using OSC, you can log in to our web portal, OnDemand:


For an introduction to the features of OnDemand, check out


Transferring Files: SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is the primary method of moving files to and from OSC storage systems. SCP (Secure CoPy) is another common method. Small files can be moved to and from OSC systems inside of OnDemand. Moving large files to or from OSC via the login nodes can experience difficulty, since there are compute restrictions on those nodes, so the recommendation is to connect to, or If you have a large amount of data to move, you can schedule transfers via Globus Online.

Submitting Jobs: Instructions to be executed by the node(s) assigned to you when your request for resources can be met by the scheduler – can get very complicated, so it’s best to refer to the documentation for the software you want to use to get started.


We also have a more detailed guide on the batch system that we recommend new users read. It provides information about scheduling, job submission and how to write scripts to accomplish various tasks.


Account Maintenance and Usage: Please use MyOSC to update your password, shell, and check usage on the project. The command OSCusage will also provide usage details.

Training: To get an introduction to High Performance Computing, please read our HPC Basics page.


If you want to learn more about using the command line, we have some useful resources on UNIX Basics.


For detailed instructions on how to perform some important tasks on our systems, check out our HOWTO articles.


Need Help? Support can be found by contacting OSC Help weekdays, 9AM to 5PM (1-800-686-6472 or 614-292-1800). 
Fill out a request online.  You can also schedule a consultation (remote or in-person) with our staff. For remote consultations, please include "REMOTE" in the request.

We regularly maintain our webpages to show relevant events at the center (including training) and system notices on our main page ( We also provide important information in the “message of the day” (visible when you log in). Furthermore, you can receive notices by following @HPCNotices on Twitter. 

More Useful Links:


Main Supercomputing pages:

New User Presenation Slides:


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