Classroom Project Resource Guide

This document includes some useful information to help your classroom use of our resources to be effective.

Application: Please submit an application for a classroom project. We will require a class syllabus. 

Access: We suggest that students consider connecting to our OnDemand portal to access the HPC resources. All production supercomputing resources can be accessed via that website, without having to worry about client configuration. We have a guide for new students to help them figure out the basics of using OSC; included are basics on getting connected, HPC system structure, file transfers, and batch systems.

Resources: We currently have three production clusters, Pitzer, Ruby, and Owens, with Nvidia GPUs available. All systems have "debug" queues, during typical business hours, that allow small jobs of less than 1 hour to start much quicker than they might otherwise.

If you need to reserve access to particular resources, please contact OSC Help, preferably with at least two weeks lead time, so that we can put in the required reservations to ensure resources are available during lab or class times.

Software: We have a list of supported software, including sample batch scripts, in our documentation. If you have specific needs that we can help with, let OSC Help know.

Account Maintenance: Our classroom information guide will instruct you on how to get students added to your project using our client portal. For more information, see the documentation

Homework Submissions?

We can provide you with project space to have the students submit assignments through our systems. Please ask about this service and see our how-to

Support: Help can be found by contacting OSC Help weekdays, 9AM to 5PM (1-800-686-6472 or 614-292-1800).
Fill out a request online. 

We update our web pages to show relevant events at the center (including training) and system notices on our main page ( We also provide important information in the “message of the day” (visible when you log in). Furthermore, you can receive notices by following @HPCNotices on Twitter. 

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