Singularity is a container system designed for use on High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. It allows users to run both Docker and Singularity containers.

From the Docker website: "A container image is a lightweight, stand-alone, executable package of a piece of software that includes everything needed to run it: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries, settings."

Availability and Restrictions


Singularity is available on the Owens cluster. Only one version is available at any given time. To find out the current version:

module load singularity
singularity --version


Singularity is available to all OSC users.

Publisher/Vendor/Repository and License Type

SyLabs, Inc., SingularityWare, LLC., Gregory M. Kurtzer, LBNL/ Open source



To set up the environment for Singularity on the OSC clusters, use the command:

module load singularity

Using Singularity

See HOWTO: Use Docker and Singularity Containers at OSC for information about using Singularity on the Owens cluster, including some site-specific caveats.

Example:  Run a container from the Singularity hub

[owens-login01]$ singularity run shub://vsoch/hello-world
Progress |===================================| 100.0%

Further Reading