Classroom Guide for Students

Add to a Classroom Project

We provide the instructor (PI of the classroom project) with information on how to get students added to the classroom project. Usually, invites will be sent to new OSC users; existing OSC users will be automatically added to the project if they have an OSC account which matches the email information provided by the PI.

Ohio State users only: and are treated as two separate emails in our system. Please provide your professor the appropriate email address. 

Another way to be added to a classroom project is to use the project code and a valid project access number provided by the PI. You can check our user management page for more information. 

If an invitation is sent or a new user is signing up, an email will be sent from "" - all folders should be checked, including spam/junk. If they did not receive this email, please contact OSC Help.

Account Management

You can manage your OSC account with OSC client portal (, including:


If your class uses a custom R or Jupyter environment at OSC, please connect to

If you do not see your class there, we suggest connecting to

You can log into or either using your OSC HPC Credentials or Third-Party Credentials. See this OnDemand page for more information. 

File Transfer

There are a few different ways of transferring files between OSC storage and your local computer. We suggest using OnDemand File App if you are new to Linux and looking to transfer smaller-sized files - measured in MB to several hundred MB. For larger files, please use an SFTP client to connect to  or Globus.

More Information for New Users

We have a guide for new users to help them figure out the basics of using OSC; included are basics on getting connected, HPC system structure, file transfers, and batch systems.


Main Supercomputing pages:


Help can be found by contacting OSC Help weekdays, 9AM to 5PM (614-292-1800).
Fill out a request online.