Client Portal

The link to the client portal is Please log into it using your current OSC HPC username and password.

OSC client portal is a full replacement of OSC’s accounting and account management infrastructure (including and It maintains the ability to change your password and contact information as well as submit grant proposals, but much is being added. A partial list includes:

  • Self-signup for accounts
  • PIs or their designates can manage user access to research projects
  • Ability to report funding and publications relevant to your use of OSC services
  • Ability to run custom reports on usage and annotate jobs

HPC Client Services Manager Brian Guilfoos conducted a WebEx demonstrating the client portal capabilities. OSC is developing shorter videos to accompany the various documentation pages.


Client Portal Known Issues

Title Category Description Posted Updated
Balance messaging when application is submitted client portal

Notifications to apply for additional resources are still being seen in OnDemand and MyOSC when an application is present.

2 weeks 1 day ago 2 weeks 1 day ago
Balance could be non-existent client portal

Balances may be none existent in and OSCusage command. Balances are being properly accounted for in the background.

The bug has been identified and a patch will be released ASAP... Read more

2 weeks 3 days ago 2 weeks 3 days ago
Annual Allocation Balances Incorrect client portal

Balances for annual allocations projects are wrong in and on the OSCusage command; usage information is correct. Individual communications to PIs have been sent; more information to... Read more

3 weeks 3 days ago 3 weeks 3 days ago
Adding user to a project based on project and user types (academic/commercial/classroom) client portal

It is inconsistent whether academic users can be invited to a commercial project and vice versa.

There are workarounds in place, contact OSC Help for assistance.

1 month 6 days ago 1 month 5 days ago
Email Issues client portal

OSU is having ongoing periodic problems with Microsoft (their mail hosting provider) severely delaying outbound email. There is no solution being offered and no timeline for getting it resolved.... Read more

1 month 3 weeks ago 1 month 3 weeks ago
Slow Processing of Password Changes Account Management, client portal

Password changes are taking longer than usual to process through the system. In some test cases up to 17 minutes.

We are working on resolving this issue.

5 months 4 days ago 5 months 4 days ago