Run STAR-CCM+ to STAR-CCM+ Coupling

This documentation is to discuss how to run STAR-CCM+ to STAR-CCM+ Coupling simulation in batch job at OSC. The following example demonstrates the process of using STAR-CCM+ version 11.02.010 on Owens. Depending on the version of STAR-CCM+ and cluster you work on, there mighe be some differences from the example. Feel free to contact OSC Help if you have any questions. 

Prepare Lagging Simulation

  • Launch the STAR-CCM+ GUI following the instructions on this page
  • Load the simulation that lags and prepare the lagging simulation following the STAR-CCM+ User Guide
    • Active a co-simulation model
    • Set "Concurrency mode -> Method" to Lag
    • Other setups
  • Save the lagging simulation and name it for example as lag.sim 

Prepare Leading Simulation

  • Load the simulation that leads and prepare the leading simulation following the STAR-CCM+ User Guide
    • Active a co-simulation model
    • Set "Concurrency mode -> Method" to Lead
  • Go to the "Connect Method" node by selecting "Co-Simulations -> <name of co-simulation> -> Conditions". Click "Edit" of "Connect Method". In "Connect Method" node, select "Launch Application and Connect" under method. Under "Launch Application and Connect", put the following information as "Launch Command":

 /usr/local/starccm/11.02.010/STAR-CCM+11.02.010-R8/star/bin/starccm+ -load -server -rsh /usr/local/bin/pbsrsh lag.sim

         See the picture below:

connect method

  • Save the leading simulation and name it for example as lead.sim

Prepare Job Script

In the job script, use the following command to run the co-simulation:

starccm+ -np N,M -rsh /usr/local/bin/pbsrsh -batch -machinefile $PBS_NODEFILE lead.sim 

where N is # of cores for the leading simulation and M is # of cores for the lagging simulation, and the summation of N and M should be the total number of cores you request in the job.

Once the job is completed, the output results of the leading simulation will be returned, while the lagging simulation runs on the background server and the final results won't be saved.