Adding grant information

There are different requirements for being able to charge OSC usage towards a grant. This page aims to provide general guidelines, but actual requirements may be different. Contact OSC help if there are specific questions/needs.

Adding grant information

First, the grant information should be added to a user's profile. Login into and visit the Contact Profile page for the account by clicking the name of the account in the upper-right corner of the page and selecting Edit My Profile.

On this page, click the button Funding, then on the next page click Add New Contact Funding. Enter the appropriate information for the grant and save it.

If a specific funding source is not available, a new one can be created using Individual -> Funding -> Funding Sources, then select Request New Funding Source. This will inform OSC staff to add the new funding source as an option once reviewed.

Use job names

When submitting jobs, make sure to designate the job name to reflect which grant this job applies to.

One can specify the job name at submission time: $ sbatch -J grant_1234

Or add a line to the job script: #SBATCH -J grant_1234

This name will be saved with the job record, associating it with the grant specified.

Add a Grant per project

Some grants have strict requirements, and the best way to associate usage for that grant is with a single project, separate from other OSC project's usage. This way, every job associated with a specific project code e.g. PAS1234, will also be implicitly associated with a specific grant.

Visit the project details page for the project that should have grant information added. Click the button External Funding. Select the appropriate grant which should have been added to the PI's profile as in the Adding grant information section above, and click the Add to this project button.