2020 Storage Service Upgrades

In March 2020, OSC expanded the existing project and scratch storage filesystems by 8.6 petabytes. Adding the existing storage capacity at OSC, this brings the total storage capacity of OSC to ~14 petabytes.

A petabyte is equivalent to 1,024 terabytes.

New file paths

The new project and scratch storage is available using the path /fs/ess/<project-code> for project space and /fs/ess/scratch/<project-code> for scratch space. Existing data can be reached using the existing paths /fs/project and /fs/scratch.

New project storage allocation requests

Any new project storage allocation requests will be granted on the new storage, as long as the project did not have existing project space. Any new storage allocations will use the file path /fs/ess/<project-code>.

Some projects will have access to the new scratch space at /fs/ess/scratch/<project-code>. We will work with the individual group if access to /fs/ess/scratch/ is granted for that group. 

Migrating storage

Existing project and scratch storage space may be required to move to the new storage space. If this happens, then OSC can optionally setup a symlink or a redirect, so that compatibility for programs and job scripts is maintained for some time. However, redirects are not a permanent solution and will be removed after some time. The members of the project should work to make sure that once the redirect is removed, it does not negatively affect their work at OSC.