HOWTO: IME, Cache & Burst Buffer for Scratch File System

The Owens and Pitzer clusters have access to the DDN Infinite Memory Engine (IME), a fast data tier between the compute nodes and the /fs/scratch file system. IME is a Solid State Disk (SSD) that can act as a cache and burst buffer to improve the performance of the scratch file system.

While some jobs will benefit from using IME, others will not. You need to understand the workflow of IME well, since sometimes it is not very intuitive. Files must be explicitly imported, synchronized and/or purged.

Special Schedulings

Preemption Job

Preemption job is available in general using a new QOS: preemptible.

Jobs that request this QOS will be eligible to be run on reserved condo nodes. However, if other jobs with the appropriate QOS are waiting on those same resources, the preemptible jobs are killed to allow the higher QOS jobs start. Preemption will be done with a minimum runtime before preemption of 15 minutes. Preemptible jobs will be charged at the same rate.

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Queues and Reservations

Here are the queues available on Owens. Please note that you will be routed to the appropriate queue based on your walltime and job size request.

Name Nodes available max walltime max job size notes


Available minus reservations

168 hours

1 node