Environment changes in Slurm migration

As we migrate to Slurm from Torque/Moab, there will be necessary software environment changes.

Decommissioning old MVAPICH2 versions

Old MVAPICH2 including mvapich2/2.1mvapich2/2.2 and its variants do not support Slurm very well due to its life span, so we will remove the following versions:

  • mvapich2/2.1
  • mvapich2/2.2, 2.2rc1, 2.2ddn1.3, 2.2ddn1.4, 2.2-debug, 2.2-gpu

As a result, the following dependent software will not be available anymore.

Slurm Migration


Slurm, which stands for Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management, is a widely used open-source HPC resource management and scheduling system that originated at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

It is decided that OSC will be implementing Slurm for job scheduling and resource management, to replace the Torque resource manager and Moab scheduling system that it currently uses, over the course of 2020.

HOWTO: Manage Access Control List (ACLs)

An ACL (access control list) is a list of permissions associated with a file or directory. These permissions allow you to restrict access to a certain file or directory by user or group. 

OSC supports NFSv4 ACL on our home directory and POSIX ACL on our project and scratch file systems. Please see the how to use NFSv4 ACL for home directory ACL management and how to use POSIX ACL for managing ACLs in project and scratch file systems. 

checkgpu Command


checkgpu is a command developed at OSC for use on OSC’s systems to report information regarding the usage of OSC’s GPU nodes. It reports various information on the usage and availability of the GPU nodes.



OSCgetent is a command developed at OSC for use on OSC's systems and is similar to the standard getent command. It lets one view group information.



OSCusage is command developed at OSC for use on OSC's systems.  It allows for a user to see information on their project's usage, including different users and their jobs.