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Altair Hyperworks

AltairHyperWorks is a high-performance, comprehensive toolbox of CAE software for engineering design and simulation.  The products contained within HyperWorks are summarized below:

HyperMesh is a high-performance finite element pre-and post-processor for major finite element solvers, allowing engineers to develop, compare, and contrast many design conditions in a highly interactive and visual environment. Because it handles unusually large models, this allows for a much finer mesh, and simulations that are more accurate.  HyperMesh's graphical user interface is easy to learn, and supports the direct use of CAD geometry and existing finite element models, thus reducing redundancy. HyperMesh offers unparalleled speed and flexibility.

This easy to use, enterprise-wide, engineering analysis tool empowers engineers throughout an organization to quickly and accurately graph and interpret engineering test data. HyperGraph contains a sophisticated math engine, and a powerful text processing application that creates fully automated notes and labels for any curve on a plot. Engineering data from almost any source is processed with HyperGraph, allowing easy interpretation of information. HyperGraph instantly builds multiple plots from data files with just a few mouse clicks, and easily maneuvers plot information between multiple windows. In addition, it can be customized to create user-defined macros, and to automatically generate reports, thus automating its data analysis capabilities. HyperGraph also outputs into common formats and applications such as Excel, EPS files, ADAMS spline, xgraph and multi-column data files.

MotionView is an advanced mechanical systems simulation pre- and post-processor that provides high-performance visualization and modeling with unparalleled user control. Accepting results from most major mechanical systems and multi-body simulation solvers, MotionView gives you quick understanding of engineering results. Taking full advantage of modern computer graphics technology, MotionView integrates XY plotting with real-time animation to greatly help in the interpretation and understanding of complex engineering results. Your engineers can visualize design performance as they simultaneously view dynamic XY data plots.

OptiStruct is a finite-element-based optimization tool that generates amazingly precise design concepts or layouts using topology, topography, and shape optimization. Unlike the traditional approach to size and shape optimization, topology optimization does not require an initial design as input. It creates conceptual designs given only a finite element model of the package space, load and boundary conditions, and a target mass. OptiStruct provides the novel technology of topography optimization, a special application of shape optimization that allows the design of stamped beads in shell structures. OptiStruct provides powerful methods to reduce structural mass, and yields robust designs for simultaneous multiple compliance and frequency requirements.

OptiStruct Basic is a high-quality, high-performance finite element solver for linear static and eigenvalue analysis. OptiStruct Basic is written to solve large problems very efficiently. It is integrated within HyperMesh so it is easy to use. The input file is based on a Nastran format. Element types supported include mass, beams, rods, rigids, plates and shells (triangular, quadrilateral), and solids (pentagonal, hexahedral and tetrahedral). OptiStruct Basic runs from the same executable as our OptiStruct optimization tool without the optimization process engaged.

HyperOpt StudyWizard
HyperOpt is a design optimization application that performs optimization, parametric studies, and system identification. Structural optimization has become a critical part of the product design process, providing results that are superior to the conventional trial and error approach. Altair's HyperOpt performs optimization in conjunction with linear and non-linear analysis codes, such Abaqus, Ansys, LS-Dyna, Nastran, PAM-CRASH, MADYMO, ADAMS, and others. HyperOpt allows the choice of design variables, so you can perform both size (shell thickness, beam section, and material properties) and shape optimization (grid point locations). The StudyWizard interface allows users to easily set up optimization or Design of Experiments (DOE) simulations and plot results. Shape variables can be set up using AutoDV which is included with HyperMesh.

Altair's HyperForm is the one-step solver for predicting the blank shape for sheet metal stamping. With HyperForm, engineers, part and die designers are able to quickly compare multiple solutions for a stamped component. With this powerful tool, designers can identify and correct potential stamping problems, such as wrinkles, rupture, and undercut early in the design stage, thus minimizing the time spent in soft and hard tool tryouts. HyperForm results in higher quality parts, while at the same time reducing part weight and increasing performance.

Software Download Instructions

NOTE: To run Altair HyperWorks, your computer must have access to the internet. The software contacts the license server at OSC to check out a license when it starts and periodically during execution. The amount of data transferred is small, so network connections over modems are acceptable.

Please contact OSC Help to request the appropriate form for access.

To download the HyperWorks software, you must first register at the Altair website.

1) Go to

2) Click on "Login" in the upper right hand corner of the page.

3) If you have already registered with the Altair web site, enter the e-mail address that you registered with and your password and skip to step #5.

4) If you have not registered yet, click the link that says "Sign up for Altair Connect". You will be prompted for some contact information and an e-mail address which will be your unique identifier.

IMPORTANT: The e-mail address you give must be from your academic institution. Under the statewide license agreement, registration from Ohio universities is allowed on the Altair web site. Trying to log in with a yahoo or hotmail e-mail account will not work. If you enter your university e-mail and the system will not register you, please contact OSChelp at

5) Once you have logged in, click on "SUPPORT" and then "SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS".  

6) In addition to downloading the software, download the "Installation Guide and Release Notes" for instructions on how to install the software.

IMPORTANT: If you have any questions or problems, please contact OSChelp at rather than HyperWorks support. The software agreements outlines that problems should first be sent to OSC. If the OSC support line cannot answer or resolve the question, they have the ability to raise the problem to Altair support.

7) Please contact OSC Help for further instruction and license server information. In order to be added to the allowed list for the state-wide software access, we will need your IP address/range of machine that will be running this software.

8) You need to set an environment variable (ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH) on your local machine to point at our license server ( See this link for instructions if necessary.