Altair HyperWorks

HyperWorks is a high-performance, comprehensive toolbox of CAE software for engineering design and simulation.

Availability & Restrictions


The following version of Altair Hyperworks can be found for the following environments:

Version Owens
13 X
2017.1 X
2019.2 X*
2020.0 X
* Current Default Version

You can use module spider hyperworks to view available modules for a given machine. Feel free to contact OSC Help if you need other versions for your work.


HyperWorks is available to all academic clients. Please contact OSC Help to request the appropriate form for access.

Publisher/Vendor/Repository and License Type

Altair Engineering, Commercial (state-wide)


Using HyperWorks through OSC installation

To use HyperWorks on the OSC clusters, first ensure that X11 forwarding is enabled as the HyperWorks workbench is a graphical application. Then, load the hyperworks module:

module load hyperworks

The HyperWorks GUI can be launched then with the following command:


The Hypermesh GUI can be launched then with the following command:


State-wide access for HyperWorks

For information on downloading and installing a local copy through the state-wide license, follow the steps below. The versions of HyperWorks available statewide differ from the versions available at OSC on the Owens cluster. To check for the available statewide versions, complete steps 1 through 5 below.

NOTE: To run Altair HyperWorks, your computer must have access to the internet. The software contacts the license server at OSC to check out a license when it starts and periodically during execution. The amount of data transferred is small, so network connections over modems are acceptable.


Usage of HyperWorks on a local machine using the statewide license will vary from installation to installation.

  1. Go to

  2. If you have already registered with the Altair website, click on "Sign In" in the upper right hand corner of the page, enter the e-mail address that you registered with and your password and skip to step #4. Otherwise click the "Sign Up" button instead and continue with step #3.

  3. You will be prompted for some contact information and an e-mail address which will be your unique identifier.

    • IMPORTANT: The e-mail address you give must be from your academic institution. Under the statewide license agreement, registration from Ohio universities is allowed on the Altair web site. Trying to log in with a yahoo or hotmail e-mail account will not work. If you enter your university e-mail and the system will not register you, please contact OSChelp at

  4. Once you have logged in, go back to the home page and click on the button labeled "Altair Marketplace", where you can then press the button "Browse the Marketplace" which takes you to the Marketplace page.

  5. From here, you can search for the app you would like to use, in this case you're looking for the one listed as "HyperWorks" which you can search for in the search bar at the upper left corner of the Marketplace page.

  6. To download, you just need to press the "Download" button that appears in the side window that pops up after selecting the HyperWorks application from the marketplace page. From there you need to select the version you'd like and the target operating system for which it will run on. Then press the button that looks like an arrow point down at a "U" (aka Download symbol). In addition to downloading the software, download the "Installation Guide and Release Notes" for instructions on how to install the software.

    • NOTE: If you are a student and you click on the HyperWorks application in the marketplace, after creating an account and logging in, but see a "Try Now" button instead of a "Download" button then you may have not been added to the university account correctly (A known issue). To remedy this, please email with your name plus email, and ask the support team to update the account permissions so you can download the software.

    • IMPORTANT: If you have any questions or problems, please contact OSChelp at, rather than HyperWorks support. The software agreements outlines that problems should first be sent to OSC. If the OSC support line cannot answer or resolve the question, they have the ability to raise the problem to Altair support. If you have any general questions, or are looking for answers to frequently asked questions, you can check the Community Forums page for possible answers or help. But if you have problems, make sure to extend them to OSC first as stated above.

  7. Please contact OSC Help for further instruction and license server information. In order to be added to the allowed list for the state-wide software access, we will need your IP address/range of machine that will be running this software. 

  8. You need to set an environment variable (ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH) on your local machine to point at our license server ( See this link for instructions if necessary.

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