HOWTO: Submit Homework to Repository at OSC

This page outlines a way a professor can set up a file submission system at OSC for his/her classroom project.

Usage for Professor

After connecting to OSC system, professor runs submit_prepare as

$ /users/PZS0645/support/bin/submit_prepare

Follow the instruction and provided the needed information (name of the assignment, TA username if appropriate, a size limit if not the default 1000MB per student, and whether or not you want the email notification of a submit). It will create a designated directory where students submit their assignments, as well as generate submit for students used to submit homework to OSC, both of which are located in the directory specified by the professor.

If you want to create multiple directories for different assignments, simply run the following command again with specifying the different assignment number:

$ /users/PZS0645/support/bin/submit_prepare


The PI can also enforce the deadline by simply changing the permission of the submission directory or renaming the submission directory at the deadline.

(Only works on Owens): One way is to use at command following the steps below:

  • Use at command to specify the deadline:
at [TIME]

where TIME is formatted HH:MM AM/PM MM/DD/YY. For example:

at 2:30 PM 08/21/2017
  • After running this command, run:
$ chmod 700 [DIRECTORY]

where DIRECTORY is the assignment folder to be closed off.

  • Enter [ctrl+D] to submit this command.

The permission of DIRECTORY will be changed to 700 at 2:30PM, August 21, 2018. After that, the student will get an error message when he/she tries to submit an assignment to this directory.

Usage for Students

A student should create one directory which includes all the files he/she wants to submit before running this script to submit his/her assignment. Also, the previous submission of the same assignment from the student will be replaced by the new submission. 

To submit the assignment, the student runs submit after connecting to OSC system as

$ /path/to/directory/from/professor/submit

Follow the instructions. It will allow students to submit an assignment to the designated directory specified by the professor and send a confirmation email, or return an error message.