HOWTO: Use AWS S3 in Globus

Beofre creating a new collection, please set up a S3 bucket and configure the IAM access permissions to that bucket. If you need more information on how to do that, see the AWS S3 documentation and Amazon Web Services S3 Connector pages.

Create a New Collection

  • Login to Globus. If your institution does not have an organizational login, you may choose to either Sign in with Google or Sign in with ORCiD iD
  • Navigate to the 'COLLECTIONS' on the sidebar and search 'OSC S3'. Click 'OSC S3' to go to this gateway
  • Click on the “Credentials” tab of the “OSC S3” page. Register your AWS IAM access key ID and AWS IAM Secret Key with Globus. Click the “Continue” button, and you will return to the full “Credentials” tab where you can see your saved AWS access credentials.
  • Click on the 'Collections' tab. You will see all of the collections added by you before. To add a new collection, click 'Add Guest Collection'. Click the “Browse” button to get a directory view and select the bucket or subfolder folder you want. Provide the name of the collection in 'Display Name” field
  • Click 'Create Collection' to finish the creation
  • Click 'COLLECTIONS' on the sidebar. Click the 'Administered by You' and then you can locate the new collection you just created.