Supercomputing Terms

(alphabetical listing)

authorized users

Authorized users include the principal investigator and secondary investigators who are part of the research team on a project. For classroom accounts, authorized users are the registered students and teaching assistants.

authorized users, adding new ones to existing project

To add a new authorized user to a project, the principal investigator can invite new users or add existing users through OSC client portal

balance (budget)

To determine your project balance (budget), please utilize MyOSC or log on to any machine and use the following command: OSCusage
To maintain a positive balance (budget), make sure to submit new budgets using Creating projects and budgets.

charge account

A grouping of projects for billing purposes: a grouping for the billing at the institution level, referencing billing information, allocation of credits and discounts, and application of custom rates. 

classroom project

A project that allows students to learn high-performance computing or to apply high-performance computing in a particular course through applications. The budget awarded is $500 and can be renewed if needed; credits cover all costs. Please see our classroom guide for more information. 

principal investigator

  • A full-time, permanent researcher or faculty member of an Ohio college or university.
    • Responsibilities of a principal investigator
      • Central contact and administrator of the project
      • Responsible for monitoring project balance (budget) and submitting new budget applications in a timely manner
      • Ensure the ethical use of OSC's resources by the research team


A project contains one or more research activities, which may or may not be related. Each project has a number consisting of a three- or four-letter prefix and four numbers. Principal investigators may have more than one project, but they should be aware that $1,000 annual credit can only apply to one charge account which can be applied to multiple projects.

secondary investigators

These are authorized users other than the principal investigator. The PI is responsible for keeping OSC updated on changes in authorized users.

Statewide Users Group

The Statewide Users Group comprises representatives from Ohio's colleges and universities. The members serve as an advisory body to OSC.

support from other sources

If your research is supported by monetary accounts from funding agencies, the Center appreciates learning of this. Such data helps the Center determine its role in Ohio's research activities.

type of project

The Center mainly categorizes projects as a classroom (fully subsidized) or Ohio academic ($1,000 annual grant per PI). There are other types of projects the Center may deem fit, such as commercial. 


Unique login name of a user.  Make changes to password, shell, email, project access on OSC's client portal, MyOSC (