Manage profile information

Edit profile

Profile information can be changed by logging in with valid osc credentials to the OSC client portal and navigating to the profile page by clicking the display name in the upper right corner of the page and selecting Edit my profile.

On that page will be displayed information saved for that profile. Some of this information can be freely edited or changed, but other information can only be updated by an OSC admin, such as the institution. Please contact OSC help if there is incorrect information which is not editable.

Email address change

If trying to update an email address, one will need to wait to receive an email and verify the email address change before it will take effect.

PI status

If one already has an OSC account and wants to request PI status so that they can create their own project at OSC, then it can be done on the contact profile page.

Look for the Special Access Request section, select the checkbox for 'I am an eligible PI' and upload a recent CV document. This will submit a request to OSC staff to review your profile and provide the PI status to your account.

Publications and Funding

There are two buttons for Publications and Funding. The Publications button will bring up a page on which one can manage bibliographic information about publications to reference in account requests or renewals. The Funding button will bring up a page on which one can record funding from other sources to also reference in account requests or renewals.

Only users with a PI status can add information about publications and funding to their profile.
The Publications and Funding pages can also be reached by using the navigation bar and selecting Individual -> Funding or Individual -> Publications.

Information review

Contact information should be verified yearly.

Once a year, after logging into the client portal, a user will be redirected to a contact verification page where any out-of-date or incorrect profile information should be updated accordingly.

If there is information that cannot be edited, OSC help should be contacted.