HOWTO: Use OneDrive in Globus

Accessing User OneDrive in Globus

Globus is a cloud-based service designed to let users move, share, and discover research data via a single interface, regardless of its location or number of files or size.

This makes Globus incredibly useful for transferring large files for users. This service is also able to work alongside OneDrive, making your this storage even more attainable. The OneDrive connection to Globus is only available for Ohio State clients with a valid OSU email.

Data Transfer with OneDrive

Step 1: Log into Globus

Log into

When prompted to login, select "Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC)" from the drop-down list of organizations and then click Continue. This will redirect you to the Ohio Supercomputer Center login page where you can log in with your OSC username and password.

Step 2: Choose the Appropriate Collections

Select the File Manager tab on the left hand toolbar. You will be introduced to the file exchange function in the two-panel format.

Globus File Manager.png

In the left panel, select the collection that you would like to import the data to. In the right panel, you can simply type "OSU OneDrive" or "OSU OneDrive Student" and the collection will appear. Students will need to use their emails in order to access the student OneDrive.

OSU OneDrive.png

The first time that you access this collection, you will be prompted for some initial account setup.

Authentication Required.png

Complete the Authentication Request and, if prompted, verify that you wish to grant access to the Collection.

Once opened, the default location will be My Files. Click the "up one folder" icon to see the other locations.

Up One Folder.png

Step 3: Transfer the Files

Select the file(s) or directory that you would like to transfer between collections. You can now select the "Transfer or Sync to..." and hit the blue "Start" icon above the file selector.

Step 4: Verify the transfer 

Click Activity in the command menu on the left of the page to go to the Activity page. You will now be able to monitor the processing of the request and the confirmation receipt will appear here.

Following Sites in SharePoint

To follow a SharePoint site, log into the OSU SharePoint service with your OSC name.# credentials. Next, navigate to the site you would like to connect to via Globus and click the star icon on the site to follow:


Finally, return to Globus and click the "up one folder" button until you see the "Shared libraries" and the SharePoint site will now be available.