OSC offers perioding training both at our facility and at universities across the state on a variety of topics. Additionally, we will partner with other organizations to enable our users to access additional training resources. Here you can find copies of the materials from recent training events.

We are currently in the process of updating our training strategy and documents. If you are interested in having us come to your campus to provide training, please contact OSC Help. You can also contact us if there is a specific training need you would like to see us address.

Schedule and Registration

Training events are posted prior to the event and include registration information.

Programs in Specific Fields

Meetings and seminars on specific topics, organized by scientists at the OSC and from across Ohio, bring users valuable information about new computing techniques.

Supercomputer Overviews

Supercomputer Overviews are presented for users interested in the OSC, its facilities, which computing applications are appropriate, how to get an account on the supercomputer, and about additions to the OSC's software resources.

Regional Workshops

Training workshops may be requested at various locations throughout the state. OSC offers sessions for everyone, from new users unfamiliar with our services and facilities to more advanced users unfamiliar with optimization techniques. The workshops provide information about network use, job control, operating systems, compiling systems, hardware specifications, parallel environments, performance analysis tools, debuggers, and more; workshops may be customized.