Rolling reboots of Owens and Pitzer, starting from Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

We will perform the replacement work of Ethernet switches from 12pm to 3pm on Thursday, Jan 17, which includes all login nodes and 2 quic

Conquering the OSC Batch Environment

Conquering the OSC Batch Environment
“Why Must I Get in Line? I Want to Run Now!”

Every year since its inception, OSC has found batch processing to be among the top-ranked help topics. Simply put: “How do I get my program to run on the supercomputer?” This hands-on, half-day session not only will answer this question for OSC machines, but also explain how a user can find out useful information about the batch environment infrastructure. Users will be able to submit and run batch jobs with different purposes. Topics include:

  • The basics: Batch environment, batch file format, job submission, job status, return files
  • Optional resources: Nodes, cores, memory, accelerators, processing time, software, etc.
  • Our virtual waiting room: The PBS batch system, also known as “The Queue”
       (We will demonstrate how the system can be used interactively (yes, it is possible!)
  • How to manage jobs: The command line and our new OSC OnDemand Web Portal
  • How to use batch jobs to perform parallel processing
  • Useful environment variables related specifically to the batch system

Who Should Attend: New OSC users, or researchers interested in learning about OSC resources. 

Prerequisites:  Basic knowledge of UNIX is expected.

Hands-on participation: Participants who bring a laptop computer will be able to connect to the supercomputers during the workshop. OSC workshop accounts will be provided.

Method of Delivery: Slide presentation and lab exercises. Copies of the materials will be available online before the workshop.

Additional Information: Contact sends e-mail) with questions.