Conquering the OSC Batch Environment

Conquering the OSC Batch Environment
“Why Must I Get in Line? I Want to Run Now!”

Every year since its inception, OSC has found batch processing to be among the top-ranked help topics. Simply put: “How do I get my program to run on the supercomputer?” This hands-on, half-day session not only will answer this question for OSC machines, but also explain how a user can find out useful information about the batch environment infrastructure. Users will be able to submit and run batch jobs with different purposes. Topics include:

  • The basics: Batch environment, batch file format, job submission, job status, return files
  • Optional resources: Nodes, cores, memory, accelerators, processing time, software, etc.
  • Our virtual waiting room: The PBS batch system, also known as “The Queue”
       (We will demonstrate how the system can be used interactively (yes, it is possible!)
  • How to manage jobs: The command line and our new OSC OnDemand Web Portal
  • How to use batch jobs to perform parallel processing
  • Useful environment variables related specifically to the batch system

Who Should Attend: New OSC users, or researchers interested in learning about OSC resources. 

Prerequisites:  Basic knowledge of UNIX is expected.

Hands-on participation: Participants who bring a laptop computer will be able to connect to the supercomputers during the workshop. OSC workshop accounts will be provided.

Method of Delivery: Slide presentation and lab exercises. Copies of the materials will be available online before the workshop.

Additional Information: Contact sends e-mail) with questions.