Introduction to Linux / UNIX


This brief course is designed to introduce users without UNIX or Linux experience to the core concepts and tools necessary to be productive on a UNIX or UNIX-like operating system. Includes hands-on exercises.


  • Basic structure of Linux
  • Getting out of trouble (control keys)
  • Linux command structure
  • Getting help (man pages)
  • Logging in and out
  • Organization of files and directories into a tree hierarchy
  • Basic file and directory related commands
  • Absolute and relative paths, wildcards
  • File/directory permissions and how to change them
  • Screen editors (emacs, vi, nano)
  • Linux shell (primarily bash)
  • I/O redirection and UNIX / Linux piping
  • Searching files (grep, find)

Who Should Attend

OSC users with little or no experience using the command line of a UNIX or UNIX-like operating system.


There are no prequisites.

Method of Delivery

Slide presentation and hands-on exercises. A recent copy of the materials can be found below.

Additional Information

Contact with questions.

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