Allocations and Accounts

The Ohio Supercomputer Center provides cycles to both academic and industrial clients. The methods for gaining access to the systems are different for each user community.

Primarily, our users are Ohio-based and academic, and the vast majority of our cycles will continue to be consumed by Ohio-based academic users. Those cycles are allocated to academic PIs via an allocations process overseen by the Statewide Users Group, which evaluates applications via a peer review process. There are two basic classes of academic allocations:

  1.  an allocation of a number of resource units (RUs) that never expire
  2.  an annual allocation process that awards an RU allocation for the upcoming calendar year. The annual allocation process is designed for "discovery level" users, who consistently consume large amounts of resources, and allow the Allocations Committee to better allocate the limited Center resources.

Other users (non-Ohio academic or industrial/commercial) interested in using Center resources may purchase cycles at a rate set by the expected total consumption. Expert consulting support is also available.

You may find more information about "RU" calculation and charging here.

  Ohio Academic Other
  Rolling Annual Rolling
Duration Unlimited 1 year Unlimited
Allocation Approval SUG SUG OSC Director
Call for Proposals At any time November At any time
  Apply [By invitation] Apply

For users interested in gaining access to larger resources, please contact OSC Help. We can assist you in applying for resources at an NSF or XSEDE site.

Once a project has been created, the PI can create accounts for users by contacting OSC Help to add existing users to that project

I need to add authorized users to my project

Please contact OSC Help. We require PI approval. 

I need additional resources for my existing project

If you already have a project, but are running low on allocated resources, you can click on the links above for your project type to request additional resources.

I wish to use OSC to support teaching a class

We provide special classroom allocations for this purpose. You may apply here.

I don't think I fit in the above categories

Please contact us.

Managing Your Account

Once your account is set-up you will receive a welcome letter from us containing your username and default password, which will allow you to register your ARMSTRONG account.

The ARMSTRONG portal provides many services to OSC users, including:

  • Password changes and resets for your HPC accounts
  • Discussion groups about research areas, software, and other topics
  • System notices, such as upcoming downtimes or new features
  • Project management for Principal Investigators, including adding and removing users and tracking your account balance

To register for your ARMSTRONG account as an OSC user, click the "Register Now" link under "OSC HPC Clients" in the lower-left portion of the webiste or click here. You will be asked for the username and password provided in your welcome letter, after which you will be guided through the ARMSTRONG account creation process.

Note: Your ARMSTRONG account is not the same as your HPC account. Changing the password for one will not change the password for the other, and you cannot log into ARMSTRONG using your HPC credentials.

Once you've created your ARMSTRONG account, you should change your HPC password to something besides the default. To do this, mouse over the "HPC Accounts" menu at the top of the page and choose "Change HPC Password/Shell".

Note: HPC password changes and resets may take up to one hour to process. During this time your old password will continue to work. If your password still has not changed after an hour, contact us at


Managing Your Project

Principal Investigators of OSC projects are responsible for updating their authorized user list, their outside funding sources, and their publications and presentations that cite OSC. All of these tasks can be accomplished through the ARMSTRONG portal ( PIs are also responsible for monitoring their project's Resource Unit balance and for submitting a proposal to the Allocations Committee of the Statewide Users Group before the balance goes negative. Projects with negative balances are subject to restrictions, causing submitted jobs to have lower priority in the queue.

Allocation managment for Ohio-based academic projects

Eligible Principal Investigators must be tenure-track faculty members or permanent research scientists at Ohio colleges or universities. All other researchers, such as postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students, may be authorized users under a project led by an eligible PI.

Principal Investigators who plan to submit a proposal for additional resource units should have the following information ready when they fill out the application form at :

  • names and email addresses of new authorized uses
  • names and email address of two or three suggested reviewers
  • document with performance reports and justification for request
  • electronic version of resume
  • list of publications and presentations that cite OSC
  • proposal text (approximately 5 pages for standard (10,000 RUs); 5-10 pages for major (30,000 RUs); at least 10 pages for Discovery (more than 30,000 RUs)
  • document with other pertinent information (optional)

Send a query to or to if you require more detailed information concerning the application process.

Once a proposal has been vetted for sending out for review, any restrictions that have been incurred owing to a negative balance will be lifted. The Allocations Committee meets early in each odd-numbered month, and awards are made after the meeting.

Allocation managment for purchased cycles

Please disregard any RU messages or instructions to apply for additional resources. If you have any billing questions, please consult your contact with OSC.