Allocations and Accounts

The Ohio Supercomputer Center provides services to clients from a variety of types of organizations. The methods for gaining access to the systems are different between Ohio academic institutions and everyone else.

Primarily, our users are Ohio-based and academic, and the vast majority of our resources will continue to be consumed by Ohio-based academic users. Those resources are allocated to academic PIs via an allocations process overseen by the Statewide Users Group, which evaluates applications via a peer review process. There are two basic classes of academic allocations:

  1.  an allocation of a number of resource units (RUs) that never expire
  2.  an annual allocation process that awards an RU allocation for the upcoming calendar year. The annual allocation process is designed for "discovery level" users, who consistently consume large amounts of resources, and allow the Allocations Committee to better allocate the limited Center resources.

Other users (business, non-Ohio academic, nonprofit, hospital, etc.) interested in using Center resources may purchase services at a set rate available on our price list. Expert consulting support is also available.

You may find more information about the "RU" calculation and charging here.

  Ohio Academic Other
  Rolling Annual Rolling
Duration Unlimited 1 year Unlimited
Allocation Approval SUG SUG OSC Director
Call for Proposals At any time November At any time
  Apply [By invitation] Apply

For users interested in gaining access to larger resources, please contact OSC Help. We can assist you in applying for resources at an NSF or XSEDE site.

Once a project has been created, the PI can create accounts for users by adding them through the Project menu page of the client portal. More information can be found on the Project Menu documentation page.

I need to add authorized users to my project

Please review the Project Menu documentation page.

I need additional resources for my existing project

If you already have a project but are running low on allocated resources, you can click on the links above for your project type to request additional resources.

See our Project Application page for more information. 

I received an email my allocation is exhausted

Per our general negative balance policy:

  • restricted once resources are depleted
  • an application submission once sent for peer review, will lift the restriction in order to compute
  • you may continue to compute until your negative balance reaches half of your current request or half of your last award, whichever is smaller.

You need to submit a renewal application. Remember, the negative balance will be taken from the future award.

I wish to use OSC to support teaching a class

We provide special classroom allocations for this purpose. You may apply here. See our Project Application page for more information. 

I don't think I fit in the above categories

Please contact us.