Register now for SC07/Ohio Supercomputer Center workshop on integrating computational science into curricula

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Apr 9, 2007) — 

Both businesses and researchers increasingly are using computational science to enhance their return on investments and discovery methods. Faculty wishing to incorporate this discipline into their coursework are invited to attend the workshop, “Integrating Computational Science into the Undergraduate Curriculum,” June 17 to 23, 2007, at the Ohio Supercomputer Center, Columbus, Ohio.

Registration closes April 23 for this weeklong program. The fee of $150 includes room, board and all materials. Scholarships may be available. Register at

“Computational science has become increasingly important as the third approach to scientific discovery along with theory and experimentation. The workshop will show participating faculty how computational science is being integrated into the undergraduate curriculum and give them an opportunity to develop materials that they integrate into their instruction,” said Steve Gordon, acting director of the Ralph Regula School of Computational Science, an initiative of the Ohio Supercomputer Center. "Participants will review materials that have been implemented in other settings and receive the assistance of a mentor to implement computational science in their classrooms during the coming academic year.”

Participating faculty also will be eligible for internships with a variety of organizations participating in the SC07 conference, providing them opportunities to learn more about computational science and engineering and to present their projects and programs at this international meeting of supercomputer experts.

The workshop is designed for faculty members who have used some computational science tools in their research or teaching or have completed an introductory workshop on computational science. Those completing the workshop will prepare or adapt at least one instructional module and an implementation plan to use in their classroom. The workshop also will link attendees to the emerging statewide computational science programs through the Ralph Regula School.

The focus will be on approaches to integrating computational science into classrooms either through existing courses or through the emerging undergraduate minor program in computational science provided through the Ralph Regula School. The workshop focus will include topics adjusted to the interests to those who attend. The potential focus areas include introduction to modeling and simulation; computational physics; computational chemistry; structural modeling; computational fluid dynamics; and computational biology.

“Integrating Computational Science into the Undergraduate Curriculum Workshop” is sponsored by SC07, the Ralph Regula School of Computational Science, and the Ohio Supercomputer Center.

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