State of Ohio Awards $1.1M Wright Project Grant to Extend Platform Lab along OSCnet

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Dec 21, 2004) — 

Platform Lab, a partnership between the Business Technology Center (BTC) and the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), received more than $1.1 million to expand its commercial capabilities along the OSCnet.

With the Wright Project grant, Platform Lab will create four branch location access points along the OSCnet , Ohio’s new superscale statewide fiber-optic network. Platform Lab will develop a wide area fiber channel test infrastructure and be available to commercial clients and academic institutions for developing and validating high bandwidth intensive distributed applications.

“Combining Platform Lab’s industry-focused IT services with the OSCnet's high bandwidth capabilities will generate many new economic development opportunities for the state,” said Stan Ahalt, OSC Executive Director. “Bringing high performance computing to industry can be realized through these types of collaborative projects to provide Ohio with a competitive advantage.”

Governor Bob Taft praised several Ohio organizations that were awarded a total of $10 million in grants for their efforts in turning research into commercially viable technologies.

"Ohio's future is in the hands of those who are able to take a great idea, develop it and produce a functional product that can be manufactured and sold throughout the world," said Taft. "I'm pleased to award $10 million in Third Frontier grants to those organizations that will unlock Ohio's potential and turn concepts into reality, ultimately creating new companies and more jobs for Ohio citizens."

Platform Lab operates as a non-profit information technology test and training facility that is unique to Ohio. Its mission is to provide a competitive advantage for Ohio within the IT sector. Currently, firms and organizations utilize Platform Lab hardware, software and high-speed bandwidth resources for IT projects including disaster recovery plan validation, application load testing, IT training and proof of concept evaluation.

"We look forward to being the commercial on-ramp for the OSCnet as well as extending the reach of our current capabilities," stated Platform Lab Director Steve Gruetter. "Our goal is to be the best possible resource for Ohio and drive opportunities to the state. This will be a national resource located in Ohio.“

The Wright Project grants help higher education institutions and non-profit research organizations commercialize innovative Ohio-based projects.

More information about Platform Lab can be found at or by calling Steve Gruetter at 614-675-3711. More information about the OSCnet can be found at or by calling Kathryn Kelley at 614-292-6067.