Blue Collar Computing: High performance computing for the rest of us

Blue Collar Computing™, an initiative of the Ohio Supercomputer Center, helps take the same supercomputing systems and applications used almost exclusively by Fortune 500 companies and makes them scalable, accessible, and affordable to small- and medium-sized companies.

“When small businesses can harness cutting-edge supercomputing technology, they have greater opportunities to retain, or regain, competitive footing in the global market,” said Stan Ahalt, Ph.D., executive director of OSC. “The benefits reaped from Blue Collar Computing will result in a full-spectrum surge of innovation and scientific advancement.”

For example, advanced computational technologies provide companies with innovative tools that allow for the virtual development of new and improved products, such as cars, pharmaceuticals, and financial products.

Virtual modeling and simulation also provide companies with a competitive edge through improved manufacturing processes designed to bring products to market quicker, reducing development time, cost, and labor. Simulation makes choosing between alternative processing methods far easier, better analysis and documentation of capabilities help with efficiency, and improved factory and workflow layouts increase productivity. All of these factors can dramatically improve a company’s bottom line.

“Similar to the time when desktop computing was considered the primary workhorse for industrial productivity, today’s workhorse is supercomputing,” Dr. Ahalt said. “Blue Collar Computing democratizes supercomputing.”


Collaborating Institutions:

• Edison Welding Institute

• PolymerOhio

• Procter & Gamble

• Council on Competitiveness

• University of Southern California

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